Market Sectors


We seek out only the highest quality craftsmen and build a team that will perform to your expectations and beyond.


In our experience with financial institutions, one of the most paramount objectives is solving security issues. We are adept at building secure structures and integrating high-level technology with first-class finishes. Other objectives include overseeing ongoing construction without interfering with ongoing business and ensuring convenience for customers.


Dominion has the appropriate bonding levels and certifications required for government work. With our vast experience we understand how thorough and accurate the work must be where forecasting, scheduling and delivering results are concerned. Safety and quality assurance are among our top priorities as are effective security and documentation throughout the building process.


We understand that the healthcare environment is constantly changing. Because each project has a number of unique requirements, our work begins by listening carefully to the clients’ vision in order to create a strategically specific construction plan. With an extreme methodical approach and a very high degree of attention to cleanliness, we take great care in minimizing disturbances and carefully managing and controlling air quality and dust. Our experience working with healthcare clients has familiarized us with the Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) procedures – a key construction precautionary measure. We ensure healthcare projects will be completed with maximum quality and coordination.


The hospitality industry requires elevated finishing skills and an eye for the details. With all-encompassing design-build capability and our collaborations with high-profile designers we consistently create extraordinary spaces that unite our clients and their patrons. We have a keen understanding of the food industry’s equipment, installation and venting requirements and fire suppression systems necessary to ensure safety compliance.   We consider back- and front-of-house equally and build every element with our clients’ service capabilities and bottom line in mind.


As a certified builder with MDPS, our education projects are delivered quickly with top security in place, positioning student safety as a top priority. We emphasize the lifecycle of the building to help ensure that construction costs are thoroughly considered and justified.


Every manufacturing project has its own unique challenges. One of the most important skills in this industry is the integration of the equipment and technologies unique to each product line. Dominion also has extensive experience with coordinating and managing vendors in multiple national and international time zones, helping our clients mobilize and scale business rapidly on a national level.


With vast experience in both new development as well as renovation, Dominion thoroughly understands the many objectives and nuances associated with residential projects. We deliver construction with key design details, high-end finishes and every component in place. Our team is able to build consensus and manage projects with a low level of impact and a high level of consideration for residents.


Retail clients require optimum finish skills, attention to detail and timely completion. We have significant track record in working with designers as well as a great deal of design-build experience. Dominion coordinates with mall ownership to guarantee compliance every step of the way to help a delivery that surpasses expectation.